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On the net dealing has grown exponentially inside previous 10 years. A inventory dealer ought to start using a broker to be able to enter their own stock orders.

Rifle Stock V2 by FlyingLazerBeamWalrus

The stock market, with its volatility and general downward trend lately, has many people spooked. However, it is important to note that by choosing wise additions to your investment portfolio now, you can benefit immensely in the future. The secret is carefully researching your options and choosing value stocks.

What are value stocks?

Contrary to popular belief, value does not equal cheap. So not all value stocks are inexpensive. Some, indeed, can get rather expensive. Instead, value stocks are those that consistently offer returns, year after year. These are venerable stocks like Coca-Cola (which just reported some good earnings) and Exxon Mobil (record profits -- again), that have solid business practices and good underlying fundamentals. Value stocks are those that are most likely to survive economic slowdowns, recessions and even depressions. Why? Because many of them have already done this.

Returns on value stocks

It is important to note that returns on value stocks aren't as dramatic as the returns on growth stocks. Growth stocks may explode higher one day and then a couple days later completely implode. They are generally considered less stable. As a result, growth stocks are more affected by stock market trends. Value stocks are generally shielded from the huge swings in value. They tend to gain at a steady pace, offering modest returns of between 5 percent and 10 percent a year. They are great additions to an investment portfolio that is looking to add a little stability.

Investing in value stocks during a down market

The reason that it can be a good investment strategy to invest in value stocks during a down market is because it is possible to buy more shares at that time. When the stock market is down, nearly every company drops. A value stock that was going for $80 a share may drop to $65 or so. This is a great time to buy. You can buy up more shares for your money (especially if you are using dollar cost averaging). When the stock market recovers (as it usually does in the long run), your value stock will probably return to its $80 level eventually, and maybe even solidly plod to $85 or $90 over the course of the next several years. And you got a good portion of your shares on sale for $65! You can see how good that would be for your investment portfolio.

Of course, caution is needed. You need to make sure you are choosing solid companies that are likely to recover from the down market. Choosing the wrong company, just because it is "cheap" can mean disaster later on.

Disclaimer: I am not an investment professional. This is not investment advice. Do your own research and/or consult with a professional before making an investment decision.

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How breaking <b>news</b> works now, and why Storyful wants to help <b>...</b>

As more and more breaking news comes to us through social media, the task of determining what is true and what isn't becomes exponentially harder. Storyful says that crowdsourcing is the best way to do this, and so it has ...

How breaking <b>news</b> works now, and why Storyful wants to help <b>...</b>

NBC <b>News</b> app for Xbox 360 brings streaming show clips to the <b>...</b>

While NBC News is no longer rocking the MS tag on its name, it's still tight with the Redmond crew and just launched a new app on the Xbox 360. Its well.

NBC <b>News</b> app for Xbox 360 brings streaming show clips to the <b>...</b>

Why Topic Pages Haven&#39;t Worked For <b>News</b> Websites Yet

Yesterday we outlined why topic pages are becoming increasingly popular on the Web, as a way to organize social or news content. As daily consumers of such content, we're used to the chronological (and often real-time) ordering of updates ...

Why Topic Pages Haven&#39;t Worked For <b>News</b> Websites Yet

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Learning to make the house Wheelchair readily available. Very well the very first thing to view would be the peak that you have got.

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Recent research into ways to prevent traffic jams, both on major roads and on freeways, has focused mostly on systems that either allow computers in cars to "talk" to one another or that are able to access up-to-the-minute information and react to it automatically. Now, new research by a team of traffic engineers in Switzerland has found that one of the solutions might just be the old-fashioned traffic light. News Mediacom is reporting that the team made up of college researchers and professional traffic engineers has implemented a system of "smart" traffic lights on on-ramps that is able to reduce traffic jams on freeways while not creating them on city streets. Bartlet UCL is also reporting on the story and says that Professor Nikolas Geroliminis from the Urban Transport Systems Laboratory at EPFL, Lausanne, is the brains behind the operation and has been studying traffic for the better part of two decades.

The idea Mediacom says is to come up with a traffic modification system that allows for timely access to freeways by car and trucks, without causing backups on the roads that lead to them. The solution, they say, is to build smarter entranceways, and computers for controlling traffic lights that would take into account traffic passing by on the freeway, traffic on the road leading to the on-ramp, and entranceways that are long enough to prevent backups from snarling traffic behind them. And traffic lights are necessary they say, because cars merging onto freeways are the biggest contributor to traffic jams.

UCL says that Geroliminis has been working on small scale and computer models for several years and has even developed mathematical equations that describe traffic flow. His approach, they say, is to find the sweet spot in traffic flow that takes several things going on at once, grinds up the data and spits out in real time, signals that control the flow of traffic.

Drivers in Switzerland (and in the US and most other countries for that matter) currently merge at their own discretion, hoping that drivers in the lane they are trying to enter will move over. This is inefficient and dangerous, Geroliminis says. What's needed is a system that tells drivers when it's safe to merge while simultaneously forcing drivers already on the freeway to get over so that other cars can get on. This is exactly what the engineering team is currently testing on several freeways in and around the Bern, and thus far, the team reports, traffic measurements suggest the system works very well. No data has been released yet, but the team will be presenting their findings at an upcoming governmental traffic & congestion meeting.

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DOE Wind Report: 67 Percent Domestic Content in Wind Turbines <b>...</b>

The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) latest annual report for wind power depicts an energy source being threatened by policy uncertainty — yet one that is now conventional, driven by the continuing trends of downward ...

DOE Wind Report: 67 Percent Domestic Content in Wind Turbines <b>...</b>

NBC <b>News</b> app for Xbox 360 brings streaming show clips to the <b>...</b>

While NBC News is no longer rocking the MS tag on its name, it's still tight with the Redmond crew and just launched a new app on the Xbox 360. Its well.

NBC <b>News</b> app for Xbox 360 brings streaming show clips to the <b>...</b>

NBC <b>News</b> app now on Xbox Live | Joystiq

Microsoft has announced that the National Broadcasting Company (colloquially known as NBC) has released a news app on Microsoft's Xbox Live. The app features content from many of NBC's various news programs, ...

NBC <b>News</b> app now on Xbox Live | Joystiq

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Stocks together with minimal price/book percentages or perhaps price/earnings proportions. In the past, worth shares include loved better regular results in comparison with expansion shares (stocks and options together with higher price/book or perhaps P/E rates) in many different international locations

Keith_Springer_Stock_Market_Analysis by Keith Springer

Even though the stock market gains over time, right now many people are understandably jittery about the way things are going. While there are bargain hunters out there snapping up cheap stocks, and while it is probably best in the long run to leave your retirement account alone, most people are just looking for safe ways to generate any sort of return. Here are two ways you can get a little bit ahead, even while the market is down:

1. Invest in an emergency fund

It's always a good idea to boost your emergency fund. If you have extra money, put to work for you in the safe area of cash investments. The returns are low (high yielding savings accounts are, on average, between 3.5% and 4% and the highest CDs are offering only 5%), but they are better than what the stock market is offering right now. And any growth is a good thing. Put your emergency fund in the higher yielding cash investments that you can find through online banking offers (ING, Citi and Emigrant are all good choices). You will fare much better than the less than 1% offered at traditional brick and mortar banks. Besides, such investments at least offer some hedge from inflation.

2. Pay down high interest debt

This isn't exactly an investment, but it is a good use of money. If you have credit card debt, a car loan or even a mortgage, you are paying interest at a rate that you cannot overcome in the current market or with cash investments. And now is a great time to pay down debt because the Fed rate is at a low 1.5% and could potentially go even lower. This means that variable rate debt, like home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) and most credit cards, are trending lower in terms of interest charges. More of your money will go to reducing your debt, instead of doing nothing beside pay interest. This is a great chance to pay down principal and free yourself from something that severly limits the growth of your net worth.

Even in a down economy, there are ways to use your money wisely and take advantage of the conditions that we are seeing. In fact, it is especially important that you use your money wisely right now. If you prepare for the future by shoring up your emergency fund and paying down debt, you will have less to fear from the future.

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Comedian Phyllis Diller has died, manager says – This Just In <b>...</b>

Comedian Phyllis Diller, known for her self-deprecating humor, died "peacefully in her sleep" at her Los Angeles home Monday morning, her manager told CNN. Diller was 95. "Her son, Perry, found her with a smile on her ...

Comedian Phyllis Diller has died, manager says – This Just In <b>...</b>

Local <b>news</b> sites form new trade association : CJR

Next month, at the annual Block by Block conference for local news sites, around 100 independent publishers will celebrate the launch of a new nonprofit trade group that will offer support for the growing hyperlocal news ...

Local <b>news</b> sites form new trade association : CJR

<b>News</b> Corp. PR Veteran Jack Horner Jumps to Warner Bros <b>...</b>

Horner will take a senior publicity role at the film studio.

<b>News</b> Corp. PR Veteran Jack Horner Jumps to Warner Bros <b>...</b>

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What exactly is this Stock market? It truly is a sorted program wherever any person along with every person may either buy or market their particular stocks or even shares

Bear Market Rally? by sunsfinancial

One of the biggest concerns for shareholders is the value of their shares. Shares of stock, after all, are only worth as much as the company who offers them. Share price (in a very broad sense) is determined by the market value per share divided by the earnings per share of the company. Price Earnings Ratio.

Another important factor to consider is the number of shares outstanding in any one particular stock. If there are 4 billion shares outstanding; the value of the stock is going to be a lot more weighed on than if there are 300,000. The availability or lack-thereof strengthens or weakens the strength of the stock's value. When the value of a stock is dragged down by the availability of too many shares, this is called dilution.

Dilution is a real problem for penny stocks. Penny stocks are usually struggling companies who are trying a new business or up and coming stocks that have yet to prove themselves in their industry.

Just because a penny stock has a new product or service doesn't mean that it's destined to fail. The internet, new medical processes, new business paradigms, and smarter ways of getting old processes done are often what penny stocks are all about. If you have done your due diligence and you believe in the future of what your penny stock is all about, then you should invest in this company. However one of the biggest causes for concern is going to be if and when the company begins introducing too many shares to market, causing price deprecation from dilution.

Penny stock investors need to be wary of apocalyptic scenarios from less prudent temperaments. Dilution is often misdiagnosed by some in the financial services media and even in the chat rooms and financial discussion boards. If a company has issued new shares to market and these shares are gobbled up by smart investors who see the same promise in this company that you do, the impact on long term share value will ultimately be small.

What many companies do to raise money is issue new shares. Once the company has deals which are locked in place and the money is in hand, they will execute a buyback or a reverse split to reduce the number of outstanding shares by 10, 100, 1000, or even more.

Introduction of new shares to market can cause initial dilution. But if the product or service your company is bringing to market is worth enough to consumers, then cooler heads will rule the day and your stock will eventually recover and rise.











George Soros To Marry Tamiko Bolton: Billionaire To Wed For Third <b>...</b>

Get Breaking News by Email. HuffPost Social Reading. Some error occurred. Login with Facebook to see what your friends are reading; Enable Social Reading; i. Settings. Read Share Settings; Share everything I read; Share ...

George Soros To Marry Tamiko Bolton: Billionaire To Wed For Third <b>...</b>

UPDATE: Three dead during shootout near Texas A&amp;M as constable <b>...</b>

Update at 2:51 p.m.: Sgt. Jason James, spokesman for the Bryan Police Department, confirms to The News: Three were killed during today's shooting, including, as mentioned below, Brazos County Constable Brian ...

UPDATE: Three dead during shootout near Texas A&amp;M as constable <b>...</b>

Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Engaged: A Timeline of Their <b>...</b>

See how Aniston fell head over heels for Theroux, her love of 18 months.

Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Engaged: A Timeline of Their <b>...</b>

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Using on-line stock options stockbrokers in order to business stocks

1. Start With The Market by 1Option

Everyone knows about the old saying with regards to computers which goes "garbage in, garbage out". I have decided that a stock trading robot would have to be developed by someone who knows the complex thinking and analysis involved in the stock market. A basic understanding of the stock market would not be sufficient to create a good stock trading robot. This of course basically means that the computer has to get good information to get some decent results.

So the individual or individuals who developed a stock trading robot would have to have a good grasp of computer technology as well as a background in the stock market. A good combination would be a computer geek and a stock market expert. So my interest was piqued when I read that there is such a product available to the public.

Just like most people who have an interest in making a profit in the stock market I have been looking into this product in some detail and to my surprise it seems to have some promise. It does not have a long history which is one question I have but on the other hand getting the information generated by this stock trading robot is not expensive. The product has only been available since the beginning of 2007. Also, as with many available products, you can try the picks generated by the robot during a trial period. I have decided that of all the products I am considering to supplement my retirement.

I have used the stock trading robot Marl as a "tester', which was offered to me by the developers, and it may have some promise. It certainly seems to have a good track record to date. Have you ever wondered how to be successful at picking good stocks to invest in? I think this is worth the investment that I have made. Check it out.

I am a Board Certified Ophthalmologist who has been in practice for 30 years. You are welcome to visit my website. If you have any problems finding what you are looking for, please use my Site Search.

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Appliance Repair For Every Room In The House Appliance Repair Assistance For Your Every last Appliances

SCC Appliance Repair-2 by accappl29

What's a gal to do when she moves to a new town with her 10-year old washing machine, and it conks out on her right as she starts a new job? Learning who is reliable in a new town can be a difficult chore, but here in Abilene, I found a great answer in Don's Appliance Service.

Perhaps banging around in a borrowed farm trailer for six hours on the move from Brenham to Abilene had something to do with it, or perhaps the key factor was reaching its tenth birthday, but, at any rate, my washing machine did not work recently, right after I had filled my black Kenmore Ultra Fabric Care with a load of darks and hit "No" (I have had to hit "No" after "Start" to make the built-in computer bypass the detergent dispenser ever since some type of computer glitch struck six years ago; finding that bypass spared me from having to replace the entire motherboard). The machine filled as usual, but the moment agitation began, Holy Moly! It made a hideous grinding noise, as if it were chewing on rocks. I turned it off pronto.

I decided that a repair service was in order. My husband agreed. Since the machine is a Kenmore, we started with Sears. After waiting about four minutes on hold, I took the pre-recorded voice's suggestion to check out the Sears website. To do this, I had to register with the site. Once in, I learned that there would be a minimum $65 service fee. I worried that they might get here, find the problem, and have to make a second trip with the proper parts. Further, although I could schedule the date online, I had no control over the time of day. This was a serious problem for me, since I had just started a new job and could not take time off. Disenchanted, I decided to do further research.

I first called West Texas Appliance Parts and Service. Their fee for a service call was less ($58.95), and the hourly rate was $60. The person on the phone warned me that if the repairman needed to return with parts, there would be a minimum cost of $30 in labor for the second trip. I decided to check on some others.

The next number I called was for a service no longer in business. I had an informative dialog with the former business owner, Joe, and he referred me to Don's Appliance Service. Don was on another job, but he called me back within ten minutes. His estimate was much less, and he came over immediately. He found that the problem was the drive coupling, as he had suspected from our conversation. He offered me a choice of a $12.95 part or a heavy-duty one costing about twenty-five bucks. Curious, I asked him which was more appropriate. He asked me if I had ever had trouble with the machine before. When I told him no, he explained, "Well, you see, some folks constantly overload their machines with comforters, or too many towels and jeans at once, and after they've broken the coupling several times, I offer them the heavy-duty one. Too heavy a load will still break the coupler, but it takes longer." I was impressed by his honesty with me.

The repair was done in a flash, it was successful, and my total bill for parts, labor, and tax was $78.97. (Joe had predicted $125.) Don charged me $60 for the service call, but he listened to me on the phone first, and made only one trip. I do not know what the other companies would have charged for the part, but I could have started with $90 in labor for two trips due to not having the proper part (though, to be fair, the necessary part was so common that they would most likely have had it with them). What I really liked was that Don was there on the very same day that I called, within an hour. I did not have to make any arrangements with someone else to be there, nor ask for any time off. I was very pleased to make the acquaintance of Mr. Don Warren.

A caveat, though: he doesn't work on the computer parts. Avowing that a washing machine needs no more than three buttons, he prefers old-fashioned models, not the computerized plethora of cycles and controls afforded by computerized models. So if the problem could be with the motherboard, you should call someone else. But when you know you have a purely mechanical problem or a simple electrical one (like replacing the electrical harness or a lid switch), Don's your man. As an added bonus, Don claims to be the only repairman left in Abilene who still rebuilds motors. In some cases, rebuilding a motor might cost a customer far less than buying a new one--and on an older model it might not be worth replacing the motor with a new one, anyway.

Don's Appliance Service is located at 2234 Poplar in Abilene. His number is 325-675-8421. Don also repairs dryers and and other appliances.

Crossroads GPS: &quot;<b>News</b>&quot; - YouTube

Tell President Obama: for real job growth, stop spending and cut the debt.

Crossroads GPS: &quot;<b>News</b>&quot; - YouTube

PaidContent Founder Rafat Ali Launches Travel <b>News</b> Site Skift <b>...</b>

Billy previously worked at The Stanford Daily for two volumes as a managing editor of news. He has also worked in sports and staff development at The Daily. In March of 2012 the Friends of The Stanford Daily awarded him.

PaidContent Founder Rafat Ali Launches Travel <b>News</b> Site Skift <b>...</b>

The <b>News</b> from Delaware County -

Will the slow-paced life -- and economy -- of rural New York remain a benefit to new business ventures, no matter how inventive and charming they may be?

The <b>News</b> from Delaware County -