Friday, March 11, 2011

Making Money Now

On Monday night time, I watched my initially, The Last Phrase host Lawrence O’Donnell.
While O’Donnell laudably tried using to emphasis the audience’s consideration onand hopefully very last, Charlie Sheen trainwreck interview, courtesy of the tragic undertow that threatens to pull Sheen beneath for decent, I used to be overtaken, not by the pulling on the thread, as well as voracious audience he serves. It didn’t make me sad, it built me angry.

In regards to celebrities, we can be a heartless nation, basking within their misfortunes like nude sunbathers at Schadenfreude Seaside. The impulse is understandable, to some degree. It can be grating to listen to complaints from persons who appreciate privileges that most of us can’t even think about. When you cannot muster up some compassion for Charlie Sheen, who helps make far more income for any day’s do the trick than many of us will make inside a decade’s time, I guess I can not blame you.

Using the fast speed of occasions on the net as well as facts revolution sparked by the On-line, it is particularly quick for the technological know-how market place to imagine it is special: regularly breaking new ground and accomplishing things that nobody has ever before performed prior to.

But you will discover other sorts of corporation which have previously undergone many of the same exact radical shifts, and have just as wonderful a stake while in the future.

Get healthcare, for instance.

We often consider of it as a big, lumbering beast, but in truth, medication has undergone a series of revolutions in the previous 200 many years that happen to be a minimum of equal to individuals we see in engineering and specifics.

Significantly less understandable, but however within just the norms of human nature, will be the impulse to rubberneck, to slow down and have a look at the carnage of Charlie spectacle of Sheen’s unraveling, but in the blithe interviewer Sheen’s existence as we pass it in the best suited lane of our daily lives. To get honest, it might be challenging for consumers to discern the big difference between a run-of-the-mill consideration whore, and an honest-to-goodness, circling the drain tragedy-to-be. On its own merits, a quote like “I Am On a Drug. It is Labeled as Charlie Sheen” is sheer genius, and we cannot all be anticipated to get the total measure of someone’s everyday living each and every time we hear a little something funny.

Fast forward to 2011 and I'm looking to examine suggests of being a little more business-like about my hobbies (for the most part music). Through the stop of January I had manned up and commenced to promote my weblogs. I had developed quite a few diverse blogs, which were contributed to by friends and colleagues. I promoted these routines due to Facebook and Twitter.

2nd: the tiny abomination the Gang of 5 on the Supream Court gave us a year or so in the past (Citizens Inebriated) genuinely features a touch bouncing betty of its personal that may quite effectively go off inside faces of Govs Wanker, Sacitch, Krysty, and J.O. Daniels. Considering this ruling prolonged the notion of “personhood” to each companies and unions, to experiment with to deny them any best suited to run inside the legal framework that they had been organized beneath deprives these “persons” of your freedoms of speech, association and movement. Which implies (the moment once more, quoting law school trained spouse and children) that possibly the courts really need to uphold these rights for the unions (as particular person “persons” as guaranteed by the Federal (and most state) constitutions, or they have to declare that these attempts at stripping or limiting union rights should use to main corporations, also.

Actually, these bastards are going to end up hanging themselves on a couple of points (not my words, but family deeply involved in the legal business as lawyers and law professors).

First, there is a little point of technicality called the “Equal Protection Clause(s) of the U.S. Constitution, which pretty pointedly states that it is not exactly legal to try to deny guaranteed rights (under the constitution) from any one group of citizens. This is what ultimately torpedoed much of segregation (and Jim Crow laws) in the Deep South, and why the attempts to impose a modern day equivalent in Arizona are unlikely to survive a constitutional challenge. Trying to deprive these state union members of legally recognized rights, in organizations that are recognized as legitimate under both state and federal laws, is going to set off a whole minefield of legal issues, and could extend way beyond just the rights of union members to seek representation for collective bargaining purposes. Such as the rights of any number of groups to organize and hold meetings about common points of interest. Not too great an extension to say that if this bullshit can fly (what the Spotted Wanker is pushing in WI) than some other governor with a rubber stamp legislature could turn his attention to stripping rights from gays. Or blacks. Or Jews. Or whoever the hell these goons feel like ganging up on. That is why the poem from the 1930s has never lost any of its power…”first, they came for the trade unionists, but I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a trade unionist…” (apologies if this quote is not completely accurate or otherwise misstated) )

Second: the little abomination that the Gang of Five on the Supream Court gave us a year or so ago (Citizens Inebriated) actually contains a little bouncing betty of its own that could very well go off in the faces of Govs Wanker, Sacitch, Krysty, and J.O. Daniels. Since this ruling extended the concept of “personhood” to both corporations and unions, to try to deny them any right to operate within the legal framework that they were organized under deprives these “persons” of the freedoms of speech, association and movement. Which means (once again, quoting law school trained family) that either the courts have to uphold these rights for the unions (as individual “persons” as guaranteed by the Federal (and most state) constitutions, or they have to declare that these attempts at stripping or limiting union rights have to apply to major corporations, also.

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