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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on personal finance tips for recent college grads, haggling like a pro to get what you want, and tips to build your savings account.

Top 5

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Some context:

I am basically a one-man design team for a bimonthly magazine.

As a startup, I was never really making much money here. About $48k.

In fact, marketwise, I was barely getting paid what a single designer should make even tho I am doing the job of at least two people.

I havent received a raise since fall 2007, even for cost of living.

In the time since then, my work (and remember that there is only one designer here) has won us about 6 industry awards.

In fact, in 2010 we won 3 awards and they were all design awards.

The reason I bring all this up is because one would hope that a performance record like that would merit a certain amount of base respect. However since this is the first business my boss has owned, I feel like they are simply spoiled into thinking that this work is just a given. Maybe they just dont know any better.

So now, with the industry souring and ad sales dropping a bit, I have taken a significant pay cut and am now doing all of the advert design that they once jobbed out to freelancers. Ad to that our rush to launch an iPad version and I am now doing far more work for even less money.

I wasnt offered flex time. I wasnt offered furlough days. In fact, for a salaried employee that ends up working heavy deadlines once every two months, my bosses still treat me like an employee that needs to saty til the very end of his "shift" regardless of whether I have work to do at the time.

Another issue (more context) is that they seem to think they have some kind of exclusivity with me. At first they asked that I let them know if I was doing any freelance work, as a "courtesy". But the very first time I mentioned that I was doing a poster on my own time on a dead weekend for a friends band for FREE, my boss acted very butthurt. AS if he should wield a veto power over my work on my own time. This has had the effect of me simply hiding the freelance I do from them. I really dont feel its their business.

So annnnnnnyway. Ive had enough and I am building my portfolio site to hopefully begin shopping myself around. I know the economy sucks, but Im not planning to leave until I get a better offer.

Knowing all that you know about the attitude of my boss presented above, should I worry about them trying to prevent me from using the work Ive created here the last 5 years in my portfolio? CAN they prevent me? Should I be worried?

BONUS: am I being treated unfairly? Ive been in this industry for 15 years and Im giving up hope that Ill ever not work for knobs. Does it suck everywhere?

BenchCraft, LLC announced that it is going to debut its Concert Sequence, a new line of recliners with an integrated sound program, at Superior Level Market on October 17-22, 2009. Concert Series recliners attribute two built-in stereo speakers and a subwoofer designed specially to make a full collection of sound. It's got tactile motors which can either vibrate along with the sound or be utilised independently being a massage program, and separate controls that let for individual adjustments to get built for the volume, bass/treble, along with the tactile/massage feature. The product, which will have a very starting up selling price stage of $699, may also feature a mini audio jack so end users can connect to their many audio resources (i.e. iPods, MP3 players, cell phones, and many others.). To that end, Sinning mentioned that Berkline will even be introducing in choose movement
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furnishings its new eCoupled technological know-how option--a wireless charging station for electronic gadgets this includes cell phones, MP3 players, and laptops. Produced by Fulton Innovation, it eliminates the require for electrical power cords by generating an electromagnetic conduit blended with an intelligent command technique that continuously monitors electrical power movement so a range of devices from several manufactures can charge concurrently. eCoupled engineering can also be safe and sound for electronic devices considering that it allows for only the amount of electrical power
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needed to maintain a device at peak energy levels, so there is no chance of overcharging. When the amount of products compatible with this particular technological know-how is limited, Berkline expects that far more and more manufacturers will move toward incorporating the capability to connect for the eCoupled purpose

The Bench Craft Company gives no excuses for your difficult effort and perseverance that they commit themselves to so that you can keep on their own because the leader in nationwide onsite golf course house
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In an age exactly where nobody
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As currently being a definite added advantage, every program is protected underneath a $3,000,000 liability policy. The organization can accommodate pretty much each individual golf program. Furthermore, Bench Craft Company functions together with all branches on the Armed Forces, and even state, county and metropolis golf courses. This collection of golf courses gives you Bench Craft’s clients along with the most extensive coverage of golf course properties inside the United states.
The forward
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